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Patty Lindley and the Wintergreen Wellness family would like to welcome you to our site where we educate and promote healthy lifestyle choices.  We believe that progress begins with baby steps and flourishes into positive behavior changes. It all takes time and patience. We are here to support your journey and encourage everyone to pace themselves.  We are all on the same path just different stages along that path.

Wintergreen Wellness is devoted to help usher and empower each of you to discover how living an alternative, toxin-free lifestyle can enrich your overall well-being. We realize the abundance of information available to you and agree that some of it is helpful and some of it distracting.  At times it is overwhelming.  We try to offer you content that is proven from our own life experiences and accurate advice based on our continued  growth in education and research.

We appreciate you spending a part of your day with us and hope that you leave with a bit of knowledge that will inspire you to make a difference in your life and your family’s well being.

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Quick Tip #1

Define Your Passion!

In my 50+ years of living life there is one passion that defines me, pooling together, fueling my DNA.  I currently live it, teach it and communicate it to our three grown children.

Quick Tip #2

Healthy Eats

I have spent  my entire life thinking and controlling what I ingest into my body.

Encouraging Families to Make Good Lifestyle Choices in Nutrition! Health! Emotional Wellness! Homeschooling! Grand Parenting! Newborns! Aromatherapy

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I truly enjoy educating others about living a healthier lifestyle

Patty Lindley
Patty Lindleyteam Leader

Wintergreen Wellness affords us a platform to share our extensive years of living life”

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