Wintergreen Wellness

Level is the key

IF it ever stops raining…..this will continue to be the next project around here. Two years ago we got a portion of the landscaping done, but now we hope to finish it this year. One sunny Sunday in mid-April Eric and Seth started the groundbreaking down by the pond. The saddest part was when someone cut down the dogwood with an ax.

When you live in the woods, dogwoods are not as valuable to some people. I would have built —a r o u n d — those two poor trees, but my husband doesn’t think like I do. My dear son, on the other hand, at least dug up the second victim, and I transplanted it in full bloom over in the woods. Probably no chance of surviving that disturbance, but it was nice of him to try.

Moving blocks from point A to point B is a job I am really good at. Gravity just pulls that wheelbarrow full of concrete blocks right down the hill….you have to really be holding on. This shot right here is a sign of progress. See that empty skid of nothing? It only took 15 trips of 7 blocks per trip to get all those to their destination.

I really can’t wait for this rain to stop in order to move the other two skids. That job will be done, and I will be able to move on to another task.