Allowing time for sitting, breathing, journaling, and describing brings so much joy. Try it sometime!


If it’s green-green, leave it hang

Green-green Green-white Cream Yellow These are familiar colors, but when you’re picking apples for a living these colors become your guide to the ripening fruit you’re about to oh-so-gently roll off the spur. We all love reddish apples. In the case of 95 degree days and d.r.y. weather, we look to the background color of apples and have to disregard the reddish blush everyone is used to seeing. If you think that there are unskilled labor jobs out there…think again. Any job you do takes a certain amount of skill. Like for instance, if you man-handle these apples you will (more…)

Peridot, amethyst, pearl, diamond kind of friend

My dear friend Lynn would have been 49 today. I remember meeting her freshman year of high school in 1975. I remember having her as a good friend in college and living off campus living with her a year and wondering why in the world she wanted to go on to two more years of school…It was to get a better degree, of course. I remember her being in my wedding… me being in her wedding. After that our children were born every couple years between her children born every couple of years. First Jacob her first son, then Miranda, (more…)

Dedicated to my mother-in-law

And I will try to connect All the pieces you left I will carry it on And let you forget And I’ll remember the years When your mind was clear How the laughter and life Filled up this silent house Silent House was written by Neil Finn and the Dixie Chicks (more…)

Good Friday

Credit for this photo goes to Julie Walton Shaver. I thought it appropriate for today. (more…)

Thank you John Hancock

It seems to me that beautiful handwriting is 60% talent and 40% pen. I will have to say that now, Uni-ball Micros are my new favorite pens. I have a sister that has a particularly lovely style of handwriting. It’s a relaxed and readable calligraphic handwriting. They trained us third graders early at St. Matthew’s School, to write cursive with maximum precision. If you did so, you earned an all expense paid…..cartridge pen. Now, cartridge pens were seriously, ‘da bomb’ back in 1970. Unlike my son who lost an iPod Shuffle, heaven forbid, I cannot remember ever losing my cartridge (more…)

Now, I can’t say I never do anything

Conseco Fieldhouse was the hotspot last night! Too bad Sophie and I were on time, apparently, we missed the two best bands…they played 90 minutes before 7pm. (?) Bummer. The Rock and Worship Roadshow was a very entertaining event to go see, although, I did witness one kid plugging his ears. He was later pacified with a cool glow-in-the-dark necklace. Francesca Battistelli was the highlight for me. Her effortless singing ability…well, ‘nuf said. Now, the Family Force 5 was another story. OK, I’ll show my age here. That band was NOISY. “Bad” would not be the right word, ’cause we (more…)