When Patty and Eric bought their first home in Indianapolis in 1985, the bathroom ceiling disappeared and skylight window was inserted, the kitchen got a new floor, and the garage was turned into a photo studio. That was opening chapter in the book of Lindley Renovations. Fast forward through the last 30 years of four more houses and a 4-story commercial building. They know their stuff.


Level Is Key

The saddest part was when someone cut down the dogwood with an ax.


Staining, wiping, polyurethaning

eric wiping stain on hardwood floors
I know, the green’s gotta go… it will soon be gone along with the carpeting. After so many years of “cement gray” in the city, we went to the opposite end of the spectrum when we moved to Brown County and painted a bunch of green in this house. Haven’t decided on the new color, but…. one more coat of polyurethane and the floor will be done….then trim and paint. Should be a nice studio for the kids’ music. Or then again Sophie and Miranda might want to move back in. (more…)

You Just Flip Two Switches and Hold On

Today is a good day to have earplugs in with an iPod attached. It’s “Marathon Sanding Day.” The upstairs, totally empty now, has a very noisy machine going back, forth, around, back and forth some more. Hardwood flooring protocol calls for three levels of thickness of sandpaper. That sander from Menards is amazing! It sucks up all the dust as it goes. If you remember from an earlier post, that floor had “cabin grade” flooring. It has taken quite a bit of sanding to get it smooth. Sophie was quite the trooper putting in her hours on duty. (she had (more…)

Air compressors are very loud

Lately, we have been working on replacing the carpet in this house with hardwood flooring. By “lately” I mean since 2005. First we tore up the front hallway carpet and put down some hardwood flooring, coating it with a glossy finish. I don’t recommend gloss. I like satin much better. Just last fall we replaced most of the living room carpet with hardwood flooring. Did you know that you can put hardwood down while the furniture is still in the room? We do hope to take the furniture out when or if we get around to sanding and finishing it. (more…)
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Not another broken something!

When you live in a house where things break all the time, you can’t help but raise at least one future engineer, do-it-your-selfer, fix-it-person, problem solver. It’s not that we just have so much stuff that we have a higher percentage of breakages, is it? Or is it that after so many years things are older and then they need repair? Who knows! All I know is my husband’s mantra is, “What? I have to fix something first before I can use it?” Lately, it was the treadmill belt. Now, we just started using this thing again in January after (more…)