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Baker’s Edge brownie pan



It’s a #1.  A+ rating.

Just for the record, I did not spend $35.00 on a pan to make brownies, although I do think it would definitely be worth it.   I paid a whopping $3.00 at a yard sale!!! I actually knew about this company from seeing it on Shark Tank;  saw it at a yard sale; thought to myself, “do I really need another pan in my cabinet?”; left the yard sale; then…went back and luckily it was still there! SCORE!

I don’t want to compare it to cast iron, because as much as I love my cast iron skillets, this Baker’s Edge pan TOPS my cast iron any day. The brownies practically slide right out, leaving hardly a crumb to clean up. I used their recipe and it was VERY chocolatey. I will use my mom’s old recipe next time, although any brownie recipe will probably do just fine in this pan.


Best brownie or bar-cookie pan ever!