Staining, wiping, polyurethaning

eric wiping stain on hardwood floors
I know, the green’s gotta go… it will soon be gone along with the carpeting. After so many years of “cement gray” in the city, we went to the opposite end of the spectrum when we moved to Brown County and painted a bunch of green in this house. Haven’t decided on the new color, but…. one more coat of polyurethane and the floor will be done….then trim and paint. Should be a nice studio for the kids’ music. Or then again Sophie and Miranda might want to move back in. (more…)

You Just Flip Two Switches and Hold On

Today is a good day to have earplugs in with an iPod attached. It’s “Marathon Sanding Day.” The upstairs, totally empty now, has a very noisy machine going back, forth, around, back and forth some more. Hardwood flooring protocol calls for three levels of thickness of sandpaper. That sander from Menards is amazing! It sucks up all the dust as it goes. If you remember from an earlier post, that floor had “cabin grade” flooring. It has taken quite a bit of sanding to get it smooth. Sophie was quite the trooper putting in her hours on duty. (she had (more…)

Peridot, amethyst, pearl, diamond kind of friend

My dear friend Lynn would have been 49 today. I remember meeting her freshman year of high school in 1975. I remember having her as a good friend in college and living off campus living with her a year and wondering why in the world she wanted to go on to two more years of school…It was to get a better degree, of course. I remember her being in my wedding… me being in her wedding. After that our children were born every couple years between her children born every couple of years. First Jacob her first son, then Miranda, (more…)

Dedicated to my mother-in-law

And I will try to connect All the pieces you left I will carry it on And let you forget And I’ll remember the years When your mind was clear How the laughter and life Filled up this silent house Silent House was written by Neil Finn and the Dixie Chicks (more…)

Good Friday

Credit for this photo goes to Julie Walton Shaver. I thought it appropriate for today. (more…)