Air compressors are very loud

Lately, we have been working on replacing the carpet in this house with hardwood flooring. By “lately” I mean since 2005. First we tore up the front hallway carpet and put down some hardwood flooring, coating it with a glossy finish. I don’t recommend gloss. I like satin much better. Just last fall we replaced most of the living room carpet with hardwood flooring. Did you know that you can put hardwood down while the furniture is still in the room? We do hope to take the furniture out when or if we get around to sanding and finishing it. (more…)

Thank you John Hancock

It seems to me that beautiful handwriting is 60% talent and 40% pen. I will have to say that now, Uni-ball Micros are my new favorite pens. I have a sister that has a particularly lovely style of handwriting. It’s a relaxed and readable calligraphic handwriting. They trained us third graders early at St. Matthew’s School, to write cursive with maximum precision. If you did so, you earned an all expense paid…..cartridge pen. Now, cartridge pens were seriously, ‘da bomb’ back in 1970. Unlike my son who lost an iPod Shuffle, heaven forbid, I cannot remember ever losing my cartridge (more…)

Remnant Loves

Today, I looked at the calendar and recognized that it was somebody’s birthday. Of course! Ruby’s! Here’s a picture of my niece and her beau. Their wedding day is fast approaching…helloooo! less than six months! Ruby is a recent graduate of Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, and if that wasn’t enough of an accomplishment, let me tell you something else. She and five of her good friends moved to Fairfield, CA, to start their own church called Remnant Church. Why did they name their church Remnant? Here’s why, and it’s really cool. “Throughout history, God has always used a (more…)

No fancy white dress necessary

I love this picture of my mom and dad. I always remember what year they got married, because they met on a blind date in 1942, they were married a year later in 1943, and my oldest brother was born in 1944. That’s easy to remember. (more…)

Now, I can’t say I never do anything

Conseco Fieldhouse was the hotspot last night! Too bad Sophie and I were on time, apparently, we missed the two best bands…they played 90 minutes before 7pm. (?) Bummer. The Rock and Worship Roadshow was a very entertaining event to go see, although, I did witness one kid plugging his ears. He was later pacified with a cool glow-in-the-dark necklace. Francesca Battistelli was the highlight for me. Her effortless singing ability…well, ‘nuf said. Now, the Family Force 5 was another story. OK, I’ll show my age here. That band was NOISY. “Bad” would not be the right word, ’cause we (more…)
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Not another broken something!

When you live in a house where things break all the time, you can’t help but raise at least one future engineer, do-it-your-selfer, fix-it-person, problem solver. It’s not that we just have so much stuff that we have a higher percentage of breakages, is it? Or is it that after so many years things are older and then they need repair? Who knows! All I know is my husband’s mantra is, “What? I have to fix something first before I can use it?” Lately, it was the treadmill belt. Now, we just started using this thing again in January after (more…)