Goose egg from a hen?

This is a WOW egg! We don’t know which hen is laying these biggies, but this one weighs almost 5 ounces! Next to it, is one that is a normal size. Looks like a goose snuck in the henhouse…. (more…)

Simon Says “Rock Out!”

The kids did some MAJOR practicing the week after Christmas. Their first gig was approaching quickly…on December 31st….but it went off without a hitch! Well, maybe a few glitches, but no hitches! That Simon Says group did a fantastic job! I’m so proud of you guys! (more…)

A Castle Awaits!

Oh! for Pete’s sake! December came and went! Nothing new there, but looking at the last post of Nov. 30, the last month of 2008 really flew by! The play they were in on Dec 14th really took a lot of time and practice the first part of December; I’m always sad when it’s over, but a little relieved. Sophie was a Rose Peddler, Seth was a Trepac Soldier AND a Peddler; Miranda was a Spanish dancer and a princess! (more…)