Simon Says (t h e b a n d)

The kids have been in a Christian rock band for about 6 or 7 months now. Rich, from our church, has gotten together a group of talented and fearless young people, and helped them 1) learn their instruments! 2) learn some new songs and 3) spread the word that Christian music is fun and entertaining while your promoting a great message! Here you can see their group and Miranda, Seth, and Sophie playing their instruments. Best part is: THEY LOVE IT! (more…)

Crazy family photo!

So a few years ago, we decided to do a “different” family photo. We thought, “Wouldn’t it be fun to set up the camera and everyone just run in at the last minute and get a crazy, undecided, sporadic photo of our family!” Well, the first one was so priceless we decided to try it again 5 years later. The final product is not done yet, but the proofs are fun to look at….we’re nuts, that’s all there is to it. (more…)

Highlander’s field trip

Today we took Highlander to a nearby horse barn to start training him. We do some work for a family who has a horse farm and they said we could use their large indoor corral for some winter training. Wow! What an excursion! First, Highlander actually got IN the horse trailer. He has been in two other times but once just for eating hay and the other time he took a ride up and down the road we live on. Today he went hill and dale and if you have lived in or near Brown County, IN, you know what (more…)

Happy Birthday Anna K!

Today we want to remember my mom’s birthday….She would have been 87! Unfortunately, we only got to spend 73 years with her. As moms go ours certainly was the PiCk of tHe LitTer, the CaT’s Meow! The CreAm of the CrOp! You get the picture! She was captured here in the red sweater with her best friend Ding (short for Bernadine). I love this picture because I remember they were having a great time one Christmas get together at mom’s house. We love you mom! Also, a shout out to two other birthday girls, Nettie and JennyG. HB! (more…)

Veteran’s Day Salute

Thanks to all the veterans out there. We owe you a ton….. (more…)